Hello Walls…

I’d like you to meet SAFER. Oh. You’ve met. I guess your actuarials have calculated the odds of anyone hitting any particular part of a wall and weighed that against $500 per square foot. Sorry Kyle, Denny et al. Unfortunately you picked those obscure spots. Daytona (aka Nascar) spent 400 million on improvements, but couldn’t […]

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I Had a Dream..

The other day there was a race. It was called the Snowball Derby. In the field were Nemecheck, Grissom, LaJoie, Elliott and Kenseth. None of them were named Joe, Steve, Randy, Bill or Matt. Man, I’m getting old. On a lighter note, Nascar’s corporate racetrack partners (including something called International Speedway Corporation which is of […]

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  Seriously. Were Boyd Crowder and Kevin Harvick separated at birth? They both also like to engage in pranks. Nascar came out smelling like a rose – by one point. We learned at least one thing from the Championship race: you need more than just “heart” to become the champ. Farewell to Allen Bestwick, Dale […]

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