NASCAR Soldier Field

Racing At Soldier Field

As a little diversion during NASCAR’s off season, I’ve compiled a few clips from Racing Through History at .

As far as I can tell, there has been just one (what is now) Cup race at Soldier Field (7.21.56), but there were hundreds of other races in a myriad of different types of vehicles, and Andy Granatelli was the P.T. Barnum of promoters for many of them. He told the drivers that the winner takes the white flag (not the checkers).

The first clip is 11:43 in length and covers the Andy Granatelli era as promoter at Soldier Field. If you’re pressed for time, I have a 3:25 clip about the “boger” racers. Don’t miss this one. The third is an interview with Tiger Tom Pistone. He got his start in Chicago and ran at Soldier Field. This piece is very entertaining and lasts 31:23.


Racing at Soldier Field – Granatelli Style



The Boger Story


Interview With Tom Pistone


Thanks to the folks at Racers Reunion Radio and Racers Reunion.Their site offers a plethora of racing information, podcasts, interviews, rare photos and more. They cover stock car racing from the very beginning with contributors who have been around the sport for about that long. And don’t blame me if you get lost in their site for hours at a time.


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