Where's the NASCAR race?

Waiting On a Race

Another boring off-season is upon us. Thank God for curling and the great bloggers and commenters at They make this time of year more tolerable with their information and insights. Since I’m kind of stuck indoors because of the 1″ of some combination of winter precipitation in my area of Charlotte ( though the […]

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A Colossal Convoy

No, I’m surely not talking about Talladega. The carnage notwithstanding ( I don’t know what that means or if it’s what I mean, but it sounds good ), it was white knuckle all the way. Nor am I referring to Richmond. An excellent event even without the one-off finish. And as much as the media […]

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Angry Beeds

Another race is in the can. I  noticed a few days ago, thanks to a Charlotte Observer article ( ) that we are no longer privy to driver race winnings. In the recaps, the column “Winnings” shows “0”. Most of the alert readers of that site probably already noticed that. I occasionally look […]

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