CAMPtown Race

Another edge of seat race is in the can.

I’ve never shied away from calling out Nascar when they seem to make questionable decisions. I’ve also tried to give them credit where credit is due. (Somehow, I’m guessing there have been a lot more of the former than the latter.)

So let me just say, considering the gravity of the weekend and the complexity of managing a race at Talladega, Nascar made all the right decisions all weekend. Nice job.

One decision did make me curious. With the new pit road monitoring system, is every pit stop by every car reviewed every time? For fairness. I hope so rather than being arbitrary and capricious.

I have never been a Steve Letarte fan. I thought he was in over his head as a crew chief and my response was “Huh?” when he was picked by NBC to be an analyst. Hey. What the heck do I know. The older I get, the wiser I think I am, it turns out the less I know. When I first dove obsessively into the sport, I constantly learned new things. After 25 years, I don’t learn many new things anymore. Until starting this summer. Every week, during qualifying or the races, Mr. Letarte teaches me something new and interesting¬† about the cars, racing, and/or the sport. Thanks Steve.

11216 was the time of the race in seconds. If a certain 2 of those seconds were under green as opposed to yellow, the 88 would still be in the Chase and the 4 would be out. No judging. Just another thing that shows how amazing and intricate this sport can be.


By Gary Erdakos

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