Relief Shot 493

Not just another race is in the can.

It never entered my mind, even with all the week long hoopla surrounding the “feud”, that Kenseth would have gone that far. He’s one of the best and, it seems,  most respected drivers in the sport. Of course, it may have been a mechanical issue as he still claims. We know Bowyer never intentionally spun out a couple years ago either. Kenseth’s penalty, whether you agree with it or not, is the only kind of penalty Nascar can issue that has any effect on the drivers’ behavior.

Ty Dillon – a Rhodes Scholar I’m sure – said “It’s great for the sport”. That’s fine coming from a guy who’ll probably never have to worry about being in the situation Logano was.

Brian France also had a quote: “What we want to prevent happening is drivers or anyone participating in Nascar to take events into their own hands and control outcomes of races”. I believe the story must have left out the rest of his quote: “That’s our job”.

There are probably legitimate reasons for starting a race under yellow, but it just seems wrong.

By Gary Erdakos



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