That’s Gotta Hurt AAA

Another race is in the can.

This is what Nascar is all about – Yogi Berra style. Just like there was no way Regan Smith with old tires could hold off Carl Edwards at Darlington, Terry was going to catch Dale at Bristol, Rowdy was going to catch Blaney at Indy, there was no way anyone was going to beat the 2 unless something broke. There doesn’t seem to be any explanation. Just a final bad set of tires? We heard a lot of that back in the day when BP was on the broadcast.

For sure there were tire issues, otherwise the race would have run caution free. Nobody hit anybody – at least not enough to be significant. ( Accept maybe on a restart.)

Unless you saw the entire race, you could never get the full impact of the finish. The highlight reel only consists of blown tires and one pass for the final lead. Not much there to compete with circus end zone catches and walk-off homers – 2 second clips. Appreciation of Nascar demands continuity. On that level it cannot compete with other sports. But they try. That’s why highlight reels consist mostly of the wrecks. Those of us suffering from ADD can’t be bothered with continuity.

I saw everything that led up to the 48 beating the 2, and I’m still  bewildered. Those who just saw the last few laps probably thought ” Oh, the 48 just passed the 2 for the win. Nice job”.

By Gary Erdakos

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