The Unknown Racers

Another season is in the can.

So yeah, I like to watch the “In Memoriam” sections of the Grammy’s, Oscar’s and Emmy’s. I also want to be reminded and informed of the passing of those in the Nascar family. I guess this crop of dearly departed wasn’t up to snuff. It appeared there were quite a few names and photos that scrolled past the big screen at the Nascar Awards Ceremony. Unfortunately, for the majority of the segment, all I could see was a (some might say “cute”) blond girl I never heard of , singing some song I can’t recall. I presume she’s a big star, a wonderful woman, and the song was touching. I don’t know because I was straining to see the names on my non-HD tv. But due to the NBCSN director, I missed almost all of the photos and all of the scrolling names.

I realize the event is supposed to actually be for the attendees and out of the graciousness of Nascar, we just get to peek in. Oh, excuse me. That’s how it once was. For quite a while now, it’s been simply a media event to promote some people that have no clue what Nascar is about.

Off the top of my head, I only remember Buddy Baker died. RIP. I wish I could have seen the names and contemplated all the rest.

By Gary Erdakos

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