Vegas And Other Stuff

Las Vegas can make you do strange things, like slick your hair back and wear a tuxedo that would make Dave Clark envious, and do an impression of Joan Rivers at the Oscars. (Steve Byrnes and Jeff Hammond.)

Although my demographic is not accustomed to staying up until 1:30 am, it was a good Awards Ceremony thanks to mixing up the entertainment and utilizing pros Mike Joy and Krista Voda. The video presentations with their super-super-slo-mo were incredible. I don’t have an HD tv, but for a moment I thought someone must have sneaked one into my living room.

Congrats to Barney Hall on the Myers Brothers Award. There’s not an award he could be eligible for that he doesn’t deserve.

As far as the season is concerned, I noticed that Jeff Gordon had the highest average finish. Though not normally evident, winning does make a big difference.


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