Reflections On Richmond II

Another good race is in the can.

Richmond under the lights – rarely gets better than that.

ABC, Disney, ESPN, ESPN2 whatever, as usual did a fine job. However, they missed another restart and it wasn’t even close. Fines, please.

Was there really debris from the 31’s tire? We went to com’l before he got to the pits. I hope so. That would give Nascar a rare phantom- caution free race.

Jared Turner of Scene Daily had a good piece on what’s in it – or should be in it  – for the points leader after the 1st 26  races.

Currently, all he gets is bragging rights. But seriously, do you think these guys go around bragging like a bunch of high-schoolers? So in reality they get nothing. Not even top seed to start the Chase.

Speaking of bragging rights: the 14 also has them for most people hit on pit road so far this year.

And finally, no, Rusty, non teammates of the 17 should not: 1. roll over for him. 2. be asked to roll over for him. Someone who thinks like that sounds like someone who might also use his adolescent right to brag.

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