Reflections On New Hampshire II

Another good race is in the can.

Remind me again why they race at this track. I’ll call it I-80 Across Nebraska II. (Corn provided by SpeedTV’s “Raceday”). Or how about “Not a cloud in the sky, (good) chance of meatballs”? (Strangely, the usual suspects seem to have repetitive numbers on the doors).  Now I remember. It’s the last 25 laps. To be fair, what they do in that time frame is all dictated by  the ciphering that went on the previous 275. You really have to pay attention.

Unfortunately for Juan Pablo, having the most cockeyed frame/body car did not equal victory. But it was pretty darn close. Reminded me of a ’71(?) Nova “dogwalkin” down the road.

On a more positive note, Carolina Panther fans have the option for most of the next 2 1/2 months to change the channel and enjoy another Carolina sport.

Have you noticed TV doesn’t even bother to try to find the “debris” anymore?

I fervently oppose any movement to shorten races, but “60 Minutes” touted a shortened edition of its show tonight. (Presumably due to the Emmy Awards). Maybe there’s a place for that at some tracks.

If Ned Jarrett were broadcasting, we’d know what’s going on with former drivers such as Rick Mast.

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