Reflections On Atlanta II

Another good race is in the can.

Kinda like “Sunday Night At The Beach” (in NC) – a lot of  “Electric Slidin’ “. That was a good stage for the drivers to show off  how really talented they are. We normally can’t see that they’re almost always on the edge.

I just noticed that Mr. Stewart has given up Subway for Burger King. I’m sure it was for purely epicurean reasons.

Holy crap! I saw the 24 not only pass for the lead, but also win the race off pit road without strategy. What’s up with those guys? I propose urine tests.

I really thought for a while that we might have a bogus-caution free event. My bad. I forgot Nascar rule #1 – tire smoke = yellow flag. With Cole Trickle in the audience, you’d think that rule could be put on hiatus.

Looks like Goodyear may have come up with something. Having no two sets of tires the same adds a lot of variety to the mix.

Good job everyone.

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