Reflections On Pocono II

Another good race is in the can.

Good way to spend a Monday afternoon. It was like a doubleheader. The first game I’ll call the Pocono Pit Challenge. A great thing about Pocono is when the rubberband raises its ugly head, you have the beautiful vista to feast your eyes on.

Then there was the second game. It was a Nascar collage. Great racing, opportunities for upsets, Nascar questionable calls, and the 24 got a reminder of how it feels to pass the 48.

There was the 1st time, at least in my memory (limited as it is), that there was a caution for someone just “being out of the groove” (6). I’ll just presume, since we had no other explanation, that it was actually for some other reason.

Apparently Nascar believes bumping someone under caution is equally as dangerous as turning someone under green while in traffic. I’m sure Robby Gordon disagrees.

As usual, nice job by the ESPN crew. I don’t care what they say, restarts with the “full throttle” effect beat the heck out of Fox’s “crank it up”. That’s maybe the only thing I ever had a disagreement with Mr. David Poole.

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