Reflections On The Glen

Another good All-Star exhibition is in the can.

We have to stop meeting like this – except for those fortunate enough to have to work on Monday afternoons.

Man, that looks like fun. Makes you wanna jump in a car and negotiate the esses that the city of Charlotte calls roads.

It’s so uncanny how the “debris” cautions come at a time to add to the intrigue of the “Stratego 90” at The Glen.

It doesn’t happen nearly as often as it used to, but isn’t it time the networks start getting fined when they miss restarts due to commercial overruns?

Apparently, no matter who’s in the 55, we’re going to see both doors in a number of scenes.

I may have missed the call or have a misunderstanding of a Nascar rule (imagine that), but a good part of the universe saw the 12 run over the air hose. Any clarification here?

Once again, a nice way to spend Monday afternoon. Especially since it’s 100 degrees outside here.

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