Another greatest day in racing is in the can.

If you’re not a total racing nut and have to spend 12 plus hours in front of the TV like many of us, here’s some tips to enjoy the experience over Memorial Day weekend:

Saturday night watch “Rush” and “Senna”. Now you’re psyched.  Get up early Sunday morning (7 EDT) and watch the F1 prerace and a few laps of the race. ( Unfortunately you won’t have the pleasure of hearing Bob Varsha’s voice anymore. )  Go back to bed. Arise at 11 EDT and watch the Indy 500 prerace. They say you won’t see Jim Nabors sing “Back Home Again in Indiana” live anymore, but there’s still some generations of Hulman-Georges  on the horizon to give the “start your engines” command. ( I don’t know why, with holographic technology we’ve seen, Jim can’t continue ad infinitum. ) Watch the race as long as you like. The current broadcasting crew is about as good as it gets, as has been the racing there the last several years.

If you want to party all Saturday night  then go to bed after the F1 prerace , add “Grand Prix” and “Le Mans” to the movie mix.

After the Indy race you’ve got a couple of hours to do something constructive before the Coke 600. Be prepared for a very,very long evening.

Take a year off to recuperate and prepare for next year.

I can hardly wait.

By Gary Erdakos





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