Stone’s Throw 400 Plus

Another FOX season is in the can.

Best time of the year.

I’m gonna really miss the  ” How do you KFC?” pop-ups. At least I hope I do.

We’re also gonna be without the best Monday morning QB in racing. And his brother. Well, maybe . One of them seems to be everywhere all the time.

But now we have a broadcast crew that can pronounce  the name ” Kenseth “.

RE Pocono: methinks the 2 team overthinking everything may be going to their heads. Seems the grille debris worry was much ado about nothing since BK finished the race just fine. Actually, he probably would have won if he didn’t get so cute with Danica. ( ” Just showin’ off “, as Steve Mizerak used to say. ) It may not be the best idea to be behind the 10 when you’re using finesse . In their defense , they had nothing nothing to lose – accept the win – and they finished runner-up. But in their situation, 2nd is pretty much the same as 32nd. Hence my confusion.

After more than a third of the season is over, it occurs to me that the ” start and parkers ” have mostly disappeared. Actually, they haven’t disappeared, they just don’t ” park ” anymore – even when there are minimal or no sponsors on the cars. I wonder why that is. I have an idea, but I’m sure no one will ever say.

Geez, I’m being so cynical.

I’ll try to remember to do better.

By Gary Erdakos


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