Southern Night 500

Another race is in the can.

I’ve consistently contended that Goodyear holds all the cards in determining whether a race is compelling or just another race. But I never thought they would resort to fire breathing tires to achieve their goal. It must be in honor of  the Godzilla anniversary movie coming out.

I have yet to record and slo-mo review the Fox racing promo, but every time I see the Logano-Stewart confrontation it appears that Mr. Stewart spit at Mr. Logano. To me spitting directly at an opponent ( or anyone, for that matter ) speaks volumes about character. Of course, Mr. Stewart’s lack of such has never much been called in to question. As Tim Wilson says ( and sings ), ” but I could be wrong “. And then there’s Roberto Alomar who’s in the Hall of Fame – not that character is necessarily a requirement for election.

By Gary Erdakos

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