The 3 Point Play

So Nascar threw the “pamphlet” at Carl. I still don’t want to blame the incident on “have at it”, but in a roundabout way, Nascar has succumbed to the dictum as has the mainstream media.

The secret-double-wrist-slapping-probation my be the result of some guilt on Nascar’s part for 1: not having nipped this feud in the bud long ago and 2: failure to have seen the cause for the COT getting so easily airborne. I can easily fault them for #1, but I will cut them a whole lot of slack for #2.

So, instead of acknowledging their sin of omission, they appear to be buying in to blaming it on “have at it”, and don’t want to seem hypocritical by handing down a proper penalty.

This incident may be labeled a lot of things, but “aggressive driving” isn’t one of them. It wasn’t racing hard for position. It was one driver who totally lost control of himself. Carl would have us believe at 190 mph he was having a debate with himself about his options: A – Do nothing, B – Confront him after the race, C-Wait until next time, D-Pull the trigger.

Considering the penalty basically amounted to 3 points, it looks like Carl made the right choice.

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