“Roll” Models

Another great race is in the can.

Apparently not all the new fathers/drivers are telling the truth when they say they have a new perspective on life and priorities.

Given all  the circumstances, the 99’s action was the epitome of selfishness. I believe it’s wrong to blame Robin Pemberton’s “have at it” statement. It in no way should be considered contributory. Carl was simply being what Carl is capable of being.

Anyway, great racing. It usually gets better when they race in the heart of Nascar – like this mini-tour of the South/Southeast region.

Best soundbite: (42 spotter or crew chief – I forget which) “You’re faster than anyone behind you”.

3.6.88: At the Rock Neil Bonnett got his final victory.

If Ned were in the booth, we’d know what’s up with Kerry Teague.

Ref: racing-reference.info, Greg Fielden’s “Forty Years of Stock Car Racing”, Richard Sowers’ “The Complete Statistical History of Stock-Car Racing”.

One thought to ““Roll” Models”

  1. You didn’t go far enough w/ your comments about Cousin Carl. When you exact retribution in Nascar, and wish no bodily harm to the “spinee,” you do it on a short track. At Atlanta, where they run very, very, fast, you cannot “tap” a car and always expect the best. I think it was a deliberate attempt to injure the driver in the 12 car. Period. Why just wreck a guy that you cannot stand, when you can give him some “sheet time.” (Hospital stay, for you not into the driver’s lingo. Carl should receive a long suspension……….but it will never happen until someone ends up a vegetable.

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