Brake Time Is Over

Another quarter of a season ( well, almost ) is in the can.

So what have we learned?

The Daytona 500 became “The Michael Waltrip All The Time 500”. I really thought, after the prerace show and after his 144 laps we could move on. But alas, no.

What happens in Vegas should definitely stay there. It must have been a good race, The Most Interesting Man in the World was there. He would have been better off attending knockout qualifying.

Then there was Fontana. Mostly we’re content with at least the last 2 laps of a race being thrilling, but the last 20 of the Nationwide race were exhilarating.

And I think the track has the solution for the usual vast array of empty seats at  Cup races. Just have half the seating capacity of most tracks and only 1 race a year. ( For purely selfish reasons that 1 race idea should only apply to tracks not in Dixie .)

Does MW yet know that Donna Summer is no longer with us?

Isn’t there an app Nascar could use to control the caution and pit road lights?

Finally, it should be more than apparent that Goodyear determines whether a race is compelling or just another race. This is nothing new:

By Gary Erdakos



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