Reflections On New Hampshire

Another good race is in the can.

It shouldn’t end that way, but sometimes it does.

Maybe it’s the COT and/or the restart rule, but amazingly New Hampshire may no longer be the waste of asphalt it has always been. It’s been a death trap. It’s given us some of the worst races in Nascar history. And, maybe out of spite, it was given a second date.

It’s better today. Hopefully it will remain so.

I must have missed the explanation, but where was Bill Weber? Ralph Sheheen is, however, a great substitute. His work on PRN with the triumverate of himself, Doug Rice, and Mark Garrow is as good as any.

It seems the TNT broadcast is pleasantly quiet – at least as compared to Fox. They don’t yell at us. Did most of the Fox crew go to the Billy Mays (may he rest peacefully) school of broadcasting?

I have the utmost respect for Kyle Petty as a racer, father, son, husband and human being, but after 25 years it’s time for him (and Randy LaJoie and others) to come to grips with the fact the name Rick Hendrick does not contain the letter “s”.

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