Reflections On Chicagoland

Another race – and great finish – is in the can.

Remind me. Why did Nascar think it necessary to enter the Chicago market? Here’s a track with less than half the seating of a handful of other tracks and less seating than the overwhelming majority of all the tracks, and – the economy notwithstanding – doesn’t fill those seats. There’s what, 10 million people within 200 miles of the place? Nice race country.

However, Chicago is a great place to visit and a great place to live – if you don’t mind the cold. And the snow. And the cold. And the rain. Did I mention the cold? That just makes you appreciate the nice days more.

My least favorite thing about Nascar is their liberal use of the yellow flag. But the caution flag, whether necessary or for the phantom “debris”, is Chicagoland’s best friend. For most of the race I was thinking it would be a good idea to utilize the Indy method of throwing the yellow every 25 miles. Maybe they should go back to racing at Soldier Field. That would probably be a notch above the Brickyard.

No doubt, the new restart rule is the best thing Nascar has instituted in ages. (decades?) It has the potential of saving the sport as we have come to know it. Of course, real race fans will remain so even if the hype and the glitz goes away.

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