Pied Piper Of Darlington

Another good race is in the can.

Darlington – not Daytona – is the true Nascar. It’s also one of the rare tracks where you’ve got to earn it to win it. You don’t win there by being lucky. ( I’m presuming no one’s going to do the research to prove me wrong.)

We could have done without the unannounced “competition” yellow at lap 45.

So at Darlington, you might pit for fuel and not take any tires early in the race. At least that’s what some of the Fox crew believed was the scenario after the 20 missed his pit.

5.7.55: @ Hickory, Jr. Johnson got his 1st Cup win.

5.7.72: @ Dega, rookie Marty Robbins finished 18th. He qualified at 174 mph, but running 188 during the race prompted an inspection. His illegal carburetor got him DQ’d. Marty didn’t care. He was just happy to know he could drive that fast. Also, DW made his Cup debut.

5.7.83: DW won the Marty Robbins 420 at Nashville.

5.8.55: Less than 12 hours after running 2nd at Hickory, Tim Flock won at Phoenix.

If Ned were in the booth, we’d know what’s up with the Bowns – Jim and Chuck.

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