Another good race is in the can.

Normally JJ’s daydreaming episodes just have an effect on his team and the teams his lapses may involve. This time, however, he deprived us of the only chance of a great finish. Cut it out, Jimmy. (His explanation can be found at scenedaily.com.)

Dover provided us with a very rare occurrence – no phantom cautions. Thanks, Nascar.

5.16.76: How times have changed. @ Dover, Herb Nab, Cale’s crew chief, in response to a Cale penalty of 1 lap, went to the end of pit road and punched a Nascar steward in the jaw. Nascar determined that no disciplinary action was warranted.

5.16.82: According to Gary Nelson, Bobby Allison’s win @ Dover (by 3 laps over 2nd place Dave Marcis) was the first Cup race ever won with power steering in the car.

5.17.81: @ Dover, Jody Ridley and owner Junie Donlavey got their one and only win. There were legitimate scoring objections at the time, but now most are pleased they kept the victory. Except maybe Bobby Allison. That could make 2 wins Nascar may have kept from his record.

If Ned were in the booth, we’d know what’s up with Buckshot Jones.

Ref: racing-reference.info, Greg Fielden’s “Forty Years of Stock Car Racing”, Richard Sowers’ “The Complete Statistical History of Stock-Car Racing”.

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