CSA-Calhoun’S Army 400

Another great race is in the can.

Quite enjoyable, but what if there were no cautions towards the end? It seemed pretty strung out for most of the race. This is why Nascar‘s best friend is the yellow, (and why it is Jeff Gordon‘s least favorite color). Personally, I don’t care. Every race is it’s own. Some may be better than others, but each is one of a kind and appreciated.

The cars looked great – especially the retro #9.

1st the wing, next the “splitter”? Do we still know what purpose it serves? Seems to do more harm than whatever good it’s supposed to do.

5.1.88: Phil Parsons gets his one and only Cup win @ Dega. A.J. Foyt, under caution w/6 laps to go ran into Alan Kulwicki. Both were black-flagged. Soon after, A.J. was parked for what Dick Beaty said “…an individual who has a mental problem at the time…” A.J said he thought Alan was someone else.

5.2.76: @ Dega, Buddy Baker broke the 500 mile race speed record (of any kind). Mark Donahue held the previous record in the ’72 Indy 500.

5.2.82: L.W. Wright – whom nobody at the track had heard of – debuted and started 36th and finished 39th @ Dega in the Music City Racing Chevy. He retired from the race with “engine problems” after 13 laps, and apparently retired from racing at the same time. He never ran another Cup race.

If Ned were in the booth we’d know what’s up with Tammy Jo Kirk.

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