Newman/Haas Rides Again

Another race is in the can.

Not bad for New Hampshire. There have certainly been worse – like every other one?

Somehow, somewhere some PR person named it the “Magic Mile”. I believe he meant the “Smoke and Mirrors Mile”.

To its credit, NHMS showed that it still can attract a great crowd.Therein lies the dilemma. How does Nascar weigh track attendance vs. tv/quality of racing when determining who gets a race? What matters more, a full house or ratings? In the long run I guess one feeds the other.

Though fuel mileage was once again poised to strike, the best cars prevailed and the strong overcame adversity to give a good account of themselves.  The racing was good, the weather was great and the outcome was always in doubt. Who should ask for more?

Speaking of Kyle Busch. 100 wins. There are at least a dozen reasons to dismiss that stat – some more valid than others. Regardless, one fact remains. He’s 26 years old.

7.17.76: @ Nashville, Sterling Marlin made his Cup debut in relief of his dad, Coo Coo. For “Madhouse” fans(?), Gary Myers drove Junior Miller’s Chevy to a 19th place finish. Bobby Allison, a week after suffering a broken nose and ribs, facial lacerations and torn ligaments in his feet, officially finished 7th. Neil Bonnett qualified the car on the pole and relieved Bobby after 1 lap.

Ref:, Greg Fielden’s “Forty Years of Stock Car Racing”, Richard Sowers’ “The Complete Statistical History of Stock-Car Racing”.


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