Kentucky Wonder

UNOH Who. (250/400)

Another good race is in the can. (Unless you were trying to get there.)

This could be Nascar‘s new strategy to fill the stands – have a new venue every week.  I’ve read about all those fans who never made it to the event, but where were they going to sit?. No doubt Bruton will try to make it up to them, but that’s a whole lot of making up. Can you imagine the time, money and frustration involved? I’m guessing the patience factor was a bit less than Woodstock.

The biggest news for me last week was the demise of IRP – aka ORP, aka LOR – alas finally RIP.   Sure, just what we need, another waste of time for “stock cars” at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The fact that IRP (I’ll call it that for simplicity sake) is one of the best places on earth  to see a race is irrelevant in the world of Nascar. IMS may draw several times as many fans as the speedway in Clermont, IN, but it will appear that many times more empty (except maybe for the first event – see paragraph above). The good news is the “buschwhackers” won’t have that terribly annoying helicopter ride back and forth between IMS and IRP.

Nowhere have I read that the reason is attendance at IRP.  However I have read quotes from Mike Helton and Kevin Harvick that Indianapolis Motor Speedway needs help. No kidding. Many of us have known that for, oh, a decade and a half. Actually, the solution is something totally different, but nobody in authority is going to go there.

It seems to me that historically, when the fans have stopped supporting a track, Nascar has forced it to be  either taken off the schedule or cut the number of events in half. This has also been done in total disregard to the quality of the racing. One thing for sure, Nascar’s response to this problem has not been throwing an additional race at the the track. (OK. You got me there. Can you say “New Hampshire” or “Kansas” or “…”?)

And then there’s the new designation of what constitutes being a “rookie”. Besides the question “What’s the point?” (Kevin Conway was rookie of the year – and the only participant), now it appears you could theoretically run every race one year and be eligible for the honor the following year. What’s up with that?

Here’s the problem with progress. Too often it is confused with “New and Improved”. And the problem with “New and Improved” is that more often than not it is neither “new” (except for repackaging ) or improved.

Bottom line? Bottom line.

7.10.49: On the Beach And Road Course at Daytona, one of 3 women in the race, Louise Smith, flipped her car early in the North Turn, but with the help of several spectators who set her car upright, she finished 20th.

If Ned were in the booth we’d know what’s up with Gary Bradberry.

Ref:, Greg Fielden’s “Forty Years of Stock Car Racing”, Richard Sowers’ “The Complete Statistical History of Stock-Car Racing”.


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  1. I suppose Nascar wanted to give the Cup drivers another test session. Hence the move to IMS. Plus , it’s all about the money.

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