Museum Time

Another leisure day is in the can.

First, I have to give credit to racing-reference member “ajcrdstr24” for setting the record straight on my previous reference to Sterling Marlin’s Cup debut. He did indeed make his first appearance 9 days earlier. Hey. I only know what I read in the papers. (Or in this case what the narrative in Greg Fielden’s “Forty Years of Stock Car Racing” told me.)

Although there’s always racing somewhere, the big event gets to catch its breath once in a while – as do we.

Got to visit a couple of museums. Sadly I won’t get to visit again the soon to be museum known as IRP/ORP/LOR. My previous take on that subject can be read here. But “progress” marches on.

My favorite news item this week was the announcement that Allen Bestwick will be back calling the shots for ESPN/ABC/Disney. Nothing against Marty Reid, but they don’t come any better – or more knowledgeable about the sport – than Allen. He’s Nascar‘s version of  Bob Costas.

So Ford has decided to stay with the Fusion in Cup rather than moving to the Mustang body for 2013. Doesn’t seem like an aggressive move, but considering their success in the car business over the last couple years, I’ll defer to their decision.

Historically-wise, I didn’t find anything extraordinary about any races on July 23-25, so I’ll dispense with that trivia, and Ned would have been very lonely if he were in the booth on Sunday, so I can’t say if he would have told us what’s up with Chad Little.

Yours truly, until next week from the 2nd best track in Indiana – Indianapolis Motor Speedway.




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