Lowe’s Vegas 400

Another race is in the can.

Where are the meadows? I’ve seen all the Vegas races on TV. I’ve been to the city many more times than that. I’ve watched “Vega$”, “Las Vegas” and “Melvin And Howard”. The only “meadows”  I’ve seen were man-made, i.e. Howard Hughes’ foothill home and the golf courses.

So what would Joey Lagano do? (And at what age do you start going by the name Joe?). Does his contract prohibit him from raising the competitor’s trophy over his head in victory lane? I know Nascar prohibits a driver from sweeping a competing sponsor’s display off the roof of his car, but is he obliged to hoist the enemy’s brand? Not exactly orange juice versus milk, but close. How Ridgid are the rules?

Alas, my solution to the TV v. .Com audio (from last post) has hit a snag. PRN, unlike MRN, apparently broadcasts on delay both on the radio and the website. Egad!

Speaking of the Kobalt wrench, is it standard or metric?

Have we ever been given an explanation of what “going to the back” is? Sometimes several cars must “start from the rear”. That’s not possible. I noticed the 18 had to “start from the rear”, but it appeared he was ahead of several cars. Of course, the lack of any explanation for that by the broadcasters is actually much better than their decades long attempts to explain who or why someone does or does not lose a lap while pitting when the caution comes out. I admit, this is a concept my feeble mind has never been able to grasp, so the fault doesn’t necessarily lie with the announcers. But sometimes they make it about as clear as the Nascar rule book. I am always amazed how Nascar keeps this straight. Imagine how they did this before electronic scoring! (Well, sometimes not. Remind me to talk about the ’93 Busch race at Milwaukee.)

If Ned was in the booth we’d know what’s up with Shane Hall.

By Gary Erdakos


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