Cars Gaughan Wild 500

Another race is in the can.

It’s curious how drivers respond differently to the same incident. How is it that Kyle Busch slams the hood of his car and disappears for the day and Carl Edwards smiles and jokes while they’re both veritably done for the day through no fault of their own? I guess it’s the same in everyday life for all of us. ( The movie “Falling Down” is a wonderful exploration of this phenomenon .) That’s what makes the world go ’round I suppose.

This brings up the dilemma owners face when hiring drivers. Where is the line that divides intensity and desire from out of control behavior? As an owner, how do you decide when the damage is irreversible or will you hire someone without such fervor? At any level of competition, desire often separates winners from losers. Anyway, both Kyle and Carl have been over the line at times. Kyle a little more I suspect. So back to their opposite reactions. Is Carl simply the better actor?

Wow! This just in! ( Well, a few hours ago. ) The 48 just gained 25 points. What’s rarer than a Nascar penalty being overturned? Insert your favorite southern metaphor here. I don’t know what to say, except there is tremendous significance in the ruling. The pundits will certainly enlighten us over the next few weeks. This could, however, not be the godsend they believe. The adversity the 48 has always responded to positively has for now been removed. Chad may be disappointed he has to cancel his next safari.

So what’s up with the controversy over the “old Bristol v. new Bristol”? Shall we swap the old drama for the new good racing? Every Bristol race can’t be Earnhardt v. Labonte. I think Goodyear has a lot more to do with the racing everywhere than anything else.  (Except maybe for corporate track designers.)

Lastly, it’s a good thing Kasey Kahne’s spotter is his cousin.

If Ned was in the booth I suspect he would not tell us what’s up with Aaron Fike.

By Gary Erdakos

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