Jimmy Piersall 100

Another good (All-Star) race is in the can.

Nice show put on by the Busch Brothers. Regardless of the result, race in race out, Kyle is the one to watch.

The IRL’s tweaking of the rules makes Nascar’s mucking with the rules seem amateurish. It took me years to figure out the Indy 500 qualifying system, and now they seem to “improve” it every year. Now I know where the Indianapolis Clowns got their name.

I wasn’t planning to go out of my way to watch the HOF induction, but after catching some of it as I walked by the TV, I was lured into staying for the rest. I’m glad I did. It was very well done, entertaining and touching. Although I didn’t anticipate learning anything new, I was pleasantly surprised to hear some new stories and history.

5.24.81: After winning the World 600, Bobby Allison said “Racing back to the caution had no place in today’s racing.” Nearly 20 years later, Nascar agreed.

5.25.80: Jake Elder quit as Earnhardt’s crew chief after the World 600. He didn’t get along with team mgr. Roland Wlodyka and “since Earnhardt has got some money, he don’t know you. He’s as cocky as they come now.”

5.25.75: Dale Earnhardt made his Cup debut in the Ed Negre #8 Dodge. He started 22nd and finished 33rd.

If Ned were in the booth, we’d know what’s up with Bill Ingle.

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