(Abuse of) Power Of The Press

From the Associated Press: “Former Nascar racer jailed after high-speed chase”.

Technically, that’s a true statement. For all intents and purposes, that’s a shameful (or is it shameless?) statement.

I seldom find myself needing to defend Nascar, but this is just a case of lazy and uninformed reporting. It must have been an exceptionally slow news day in the sports world.

Somebody named James Neal was arrested in San Diego County for a traffic violation.

Apparently, almost 30 years ago he raced in some sort of Nascar series. According to the AP, “He never won a national race”.

According to racing-reference.info, he never ran a (national) race.

To Mr. Neal’s credit, he was doing about 130 mph on I-5 when he “blowed up”.

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