A Kurt Response

Another good race is in the can.

One of the best parts of the year – out with the Fox, in with somebody else.

If you look up BS cautions in the dictionary, you’ll see lap 188 of Saturday’s Nationwide race. Hard as Nascar tried, they couldn’t keep Rowdy from his appointed rounds.

The 600 crowd appeared to be larger than in recent memory. There were many more seats filled between turns 3 and 4 than I can remember. Could be a product of thousands of other seats having been mothballed recently.

By the way, how’s that Nascar policing the “start and parkers” going? Perusing the finishing order and laps completed over the last several races – not too good.

So who’s going to tell Mr. Nicholson he has to leave the flagstand? I suspect his shoulder just gave out.

5.30.53: At Raleigh, Tim Flock had to make an extra pit stop to unload his pet monkey, Jocko Flocko, who had gotten loose in the car.

5.30.76: Making her Cup debut in the World 600, Janet Guthrie, who finished 15th, received mixed reviews from the drivers. While some were complimentary, the King said “My wife could have driven better with 14 screamin’ kids in the back seat”.

If Ned were in the booth, we’d know what’s up with Dave Rezendes.

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