Tuesday Afternoon 500

Another good race is in the can.

Many love them. The rest hate them. But that last 10 lap battle was worth the price of admission. (Or infinitely more if you were only watching on tv.) Although the outcome was less in doubt that we were led to believe, it was a battle that will be long remembered and cited.

More importantly, considering the combined net worth of drivers 24 and 48 is way north of 100 million, they laid it all out as if it were a local Saturday night bullring event where you’d give anything for that plastic trophy.

Moving on, I propose mandatory vision exams for drivers over 50.

I’m writing this while watching Richmond qualifying, and the announcers are indicating that, since the inspection process seems to be problematic for a number of cars, Nascar is being more precise and deliberate because of “The Chase” implications. Is this a proper ( or ethical ) means of officiating a series? Do the rules change depending on what time of year it is? Of course to answer that  we would first have to agree that there is in actuality such a thing as a  Nascar rule book.

9.3.89: The evening before Ralph Earnhardt was inducted into the NMPA Hall of Fame, after winning at Darlington, Dale said “I love Darlington in the Spring and I love Darlington in the fall. I love Darlington in the Winner’s Circle, but I hate Darlington in the wall”.

If Ned were in the booth we’d know what’s up with Mike Potter.

By Gary Erdakos

Ref: racing-reference.info, Greg Fielden’s “Forty Years of Stock Car Racing”, Richard Sowers’ “The Complete Statistical History of Stock-Car Racing”. And the Moody Blues.



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