Teamwork 400

Another good race is in the can.

I suspect Kevin Harvick’s new best friend is Paul Menard. It was likely the 24 was going to be victorious, but coincidentally – and without public instructions from the pit – the already crippled 27 just happened to lose it at the least harmful part of the track. I’ve got to give him high marks for loyalty. If his sponsorship wasn’t enough, that move goes a long way towards job security.

ESPN’s coverage during their block of races has been stellar partly due to their attention to the little things and some innovations, so I’m hesitant to criticize. But missing a restart coming out of  commercial has been a real thorn in my side. Even though I believe Saturday’s race had ESPN’s only infraction so far this year (and Fox had greatly reduced their violations earlier), there’s zero excuse.

I still don’t understand how the 88 was refused the “lucky dog” at one point. From what this viewer could tell, it must have been because he caused the 38 to run into him from behind. I could understand that, except the 88 retaliated by running into the 38. Maybe Nascar just wanted to show a prime time audience they don’t favor the Earnhardt.

And then there’s “decalgate”. Kudos to M&Ms, Interstate Batteries et al. for allowing the 18 to run the tribute car. However, JGR capitulated to Nascar by sporting some contingency decals that could mean several hundred thousand dollars at the end of the season. If JGR made that decision so their employees would share those benefits, I understand. The question I have is did the primary (and secondary, tertiary) sponsors donate their paint scheme space, or did they deduct that $ from their obligation? Knowing what I know about Joe Gibbs, I trust  everything is as it should be. The story can be read here.

Let’s see. The chase consists of such tracks as Chicago, Loudon, Kansas, Phoenix and Homestead instead of Richmond and Atlanta. Do we want great racing or demographics? In addition, I propose a wild card for the finale, a track they don’t race on during the first 35 races. How about Rockingham?

If Ned were in the booth we’d know what’s up with Ken Bouchard.

By Gary Erdakos




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