To Aaron’s Is Human 499+

Another race is in the can.

I have for a very long time believed there are three sides to every story: yours, mine and the truth. As it turns out, after listening to the post ” mini-big one ” interviews, there is a fourth side. The Martin Truex, Jr. side.

As long as we’re on that subject, it’s obvious the horseshoe that appeared to be placed in the 24 car  prerace was quite ineffective. Superior voodoo will have to be employed for that team to make the chase.

Once again, other same venue events proved more exciting. The ARCA and Nationwide races were both more compelling. Congrats to Brandon McReynolds on an amazing display of understanding and ability. And I bet Kyle Busch thought, after the way Saturday played out, on Sunday he had the 2 right where he wanted him. Kudos to Brad for taking notice and appropriate action to overcome what appeared to be a no-win situation.

I’m not sure why, but I found it quite pleasing when Danica punted Hornish after the race on Saturday. What’s curious, however, is she got to go home without first being invited to the Nascar hauler. Although “invitations” have been extended to her and Sam when they get to Darlington, it’s still a bit out of the ordinary.

Enough of Dega.I’ve got to tell you all about a wonderful event held at Charlotte May 1. In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the first superspeedway race under the lights, CMS had a free ” drive-in movie ” evening displayed on the world’s largest ( 200 ft. ) HD tv screen. But instead of a movie, they showed the 1992 Winston ( and Winston Open ) – aka ” One Hot Night “. Prerace featured an on stage discussion panel and Q and A – hosted by Doug Rice and Marcus Smith – with Robin Pemberton, Larry Mac (wearing the same crew shirt he wore for the original event), Mike Joy  and ( I don’t know why ) Matt Kenseth. Although I was well aware of the outcome of the race, if I were witnessing it again for the first time, as  the white flag flew, I would say there was no way the 28 – about 10 car lengths behind –  was going to win. Oh, and besides free admission, they served $1.oo hot dogs.

Another end of an era. After a lifetime of living in Wilkes County, Jr. Johnson is moving from a “holler” to a Hollow (Quail Hollow, that is). He’ll no longer  – as he has done until very recently – be working the farm/ranch and every morning cooking up a red-eye gravy breakfast for the hands and any visitors who happened to wander by. You can read the story here.

It occurred to me recently that, among the many things I am ignorant of, I don’t know for sure what constitutes taking the checkers. They always talk about “crossing the finish line”, but, since the painted line is maybe a foot wide, is it breaking the plane of the front of the line that counts? It seems the definition of scoring varies from sport to sport:  ball crossing the goal line?, all of the puck crossing the goal line?. Now I’m even confused about those other sports.

If Ned was in the booth we’d know what’s up with Mike Potter.


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