Scary Read At Scene Daily

So Jeff Gluck of Scene Daily thinks “phantom” cautions are O.K.

Obviously, he’s kidding. Surely, he’s just trying to shed light on Nascar’s penchant for setting a foot on a slippery slope.

At least, I hope that’s what Jeff is doing.

But maybe not. Mr Gluck says he is totally O.K. with Nascar looking for an excuse to bring the cars back together. Looking (and hoping) for an excuse is one thing. Manufacturing one is entirely different. If it’s “phantom”, I believe that is the same as “manufactured”.

If our sport is only about the money – and maybe it is – then 1. it is no longer a sport, and 2. it is just another form of pro wrestling.

When you subscribe to the “end justifies the means” mentality, you may slide all the way down that slope into irrelevance and obscurity.

On the other hand, Roller Derby keeps coming back.

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