Reflections On Talladega II

Another race is in the can.

It must have been an excellent day for the NFL TV ratings. They probably had more than the usual number of race fans switching the dial. (Not us, of course.)

Due to the latest tweak of the rules, it appeared the drivers were staging their version of the “blue flu”. If the drivers were bored while driving close to 200 mph, how do you think the fans felt?

If Nascar demands to see “daylight” between the cars, they may end up seeing way more daylight between the seats. Talladega has always been a threat to the sport because of the danger presented to the competitors and, more importantly, the fans. Now the sport may be in danger due to micro-managing.

Although the strategy ended up working fairly well for the 48, isn’t it usually the case – as in football – that the “prevent” defense only prevents you from winning?

If Ned were in the booth, we’d know what’s up with Dave Mader.

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