Reflections On Richmond

Thanks, Mr. Poole for your endeavors. This was your kind of race: talent, finesse, controlled aggression, and nobody upside down.

Another great race is in the can.

Nice to be back in the former Capital.

A note to Fox: a “green/yellow start” is not for a “variety of reasons” as you would have us believe. It’s for just one. You should know we’re not all idiots- just most of us.

We went 150+ laps before the 1st non-caution-caution. Unfortunately it wasn’t  the last.

All I’m going to say about the 24 think-tank is I’m not going to pile on.

Kyle was smokin’ the tires for 87% of the race while Cale Yarboroughin’ the car like he was at Darlington on bias ply tires, and no mention by the TV crew. I’m willing to wager MRN had something to say about that.

Is it a rule that the 77 has to get so much praise regardless of the havoc he creates?

Congratulations to Mark Martin on yet another good unretirement performance Friday.

Tremendous night and now on to another real race track next week.

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