Preflections On Michigan

The 1st Cup event I attended was this race 18 years ago.

Emerging from under the stands and beholding the track and the brightly painted cars queued on pit road for the first time was as awe-inspiring as your first trip to a Major League Baseball game or the scene in the Wizard Of Oz when black and white bursts into color.

One of the first things I remarked was “Who the (heck) is Michael Waltrip?” He was on the pole in that beautifully minimalist Yellow # 30. Thanks, Pennzoil and Chuck Rider.

After a few years as the “good” wore off being there, I came to realize MIS was not the best place to witness a race. It seemed pretty much a walk in the park for the drivers. They cruised around for 2 and half – 3 hours. No muss, no fuss. (Johnny Benson would probably take issue with that). It occurred to me that it took longer to get in and out of the parking than for the race to be run. And the racing seemed either the proverbial paint drying, the Davey Allison 400, or a fuel mileage contest. (8-91 being the exception).

I understand the traffic patterns have been greatly improved in recent years. The racing has also become quite compelling. Looking forward to the race.

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