# Miss Calibration 500 Minus 100

Another good race is in the can.

Still waiting for the last 40 laps…

Due to circumstances beyond my control I was not able to watch the live broadcast. I did, however, listen by chasing MRN through the midwest. It sounded like a terrific event. I wondered at the time if it would also look as good. After seeing the replay, it came reasonably close. The great thing about Pocono is it’s still eye candy even if the race isn’t the best.

Speaking of Pocono, the track and Nascar give the drivers a nice new smooth surface and shorten the event by 20% so they don’t have to work so hard. The Supreme Being even jumped in to provide dry weather for the week. According to all reports, this wasn’t quite enough for them. That darn extra couple of parts of days really posed an inconvenience for them.

I read that Mr. Martin almost simultaneously praised and chided Mr. Logano. After finally witnessing the last few laps, it appeared to me that if Mark hadn’t – while running all alone – clipped the “curb” and got himself a little out of shape, Joey probably would never have caught him. Sour grapes?

Can someone explain why – as one of the broadcasters stated – Nascar lets the drivers know before the race where the timing lines are supposed to be? Seems to defeat their purpose. Maybe it’s just a clever ruse to trick ’em.

By Gary Erdakos

If Ned was in the booth we’d know what’s up with Billy Standridge.

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