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Another good race is in the can.

Michigan has been an enigmatic track for me. It’s been a love-hate-curious venue for me over these many years. My early opinion may have been influenced by the fact that I saw  my first Cup race there. Like that first kiss that holds a special place in your mind, your first race, with the brilliant colors, sounds and smells, prevents you from noticing the negatives. It didn’t take too many trips to the Irish Hills to be dismayed by the fact that it took longer to get in and out than the race lasted. Combine that with its propensity for long periods of “strung out” racing, I came to consider MIS my least favorite place. But over the last few years I’ve come to appreciate how the track seems to allow for a certain appreciation of the driving prowess of these guys.  It’s maybe the best place to watch the stalking chess battle of passing that may go on for a good number of laps. Also, it helps that I watch it from home.

Maybe one of the MIS races could be a non-points series of 20 lap heat races.

It appeared the 7 was the designated trash remover. Fortunately a number of drivers attacked by the notorious MIS hot dog wrappers could count on Robbie being lapped every so often.

8.16.87: Tim Richmond drove his last race.

If Ned were in the booth we’d know what’s up with Ricky Rudd.

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