Another great race is in the can.

Before we go on – was that the shortest concrete Bristol race ever? (2:41:24). Let us know.

Next, let’s have some truth in advertising. Bristol is many or all things racing, but it is .033 miles from being the “world’s fastest half mile”. For sure it’s the fastest – if not the only – .533 mile track, so what is the fastest 1/2 mile track? Anybody?

I’m guessing Juan Pablo was simply trying to get in position for the next right hand turn when he ran into the 48. Apparently that sat well with Nascar since, for about the 1st half of the race, when the 48 was off on his own, the caution flew faster than Kid Curry’s draw. This in spite of a great crowd, some of the best side by side racing, and constant inside outside passing for every other position – not to mention the prospect of a historical 3 peat to keep interest up. No need to micromanage this event.

Doesn’t Allen Bestwick usually anchor Nascar Countdown? Did he have the day off or, because the event was on ABC, we needed the blonde I don’t recall ever having seen before? I don’t know, so I’ll give Allen, Nascar and Disney the benefit of the doubt.

I’ve got 2 words: Brian Keselowski. There’s been some debate at about his value. I don’t see how his continual presence could be contractually tied to Brad, but his numbers are curious: when not driving for the family, in 44 Nationwide races attempted he has qualified for 34 and has 7 top 20’s with a best finish of 10th. When driving for the family he has made the race in 19 of 23 attempts with 1 top 20. Of course, these numbers give him enough confidence to try to make his Cup debut in the night race at Bristol. On the other hand, Brian had pretty good success in ARCA. To be fair, Jimmie Johnson’s numbers weren’t stellar before he announced a deal with Hendrick.

Speaking of Keselowski, sure, in Friday’s race, Kyle – in the words of Harry Hogg – ” done it deliberate”. Somehow, today, that don’t bother me at all.

8.22.54: Hershel McGriff got his 1st of 4 Cup wins (all in ’54) at San Mateo.

8.20.78: @ Michigan, with 10 to go R. Petty tore down the fence. Dave Marcis stayed out to coast on fumes and a push from D.K. Ulrich knowing the race wouldn’t restart. He knew wrong. Nascar restarted the race with 1 to go even though the fence was not repaired.

If Ned were in the booth we’d know what’s up with Loy Allen Jr.

Ref:, Greg Fielden’s “Forty Years of Stock Car Racing”, Richard Sowers’ “The Complete Statistical History of Stock-Car Racing”.

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