Juan More Time

Another good race is in the can.

I should have more to say about the actual racing. It was a beautiful Saturday evening of racing in the former Capital. There was a lot of action and someĀ  doubt surrounding the outcome.

For the most part, all the players performed well. All of those not included in “the most part” shall remain nameless here. (You know who they are.) Well, all of them except Nascar. It’s an ongoing curiosity how they apply the written(?) and unwritten rules. I’m amazed how they just know what’s in the minds of the competitors when they may seemingly jump a restart or, from a lap down, spin a lead lap car. Nascar’s mantra seems to be “no harm, no foul”. Of course, “no harm” may have different meanings to different people.

I like that mantra for the most part. I’ve uttered it many times in my life. But when it comes to 3500 lb. cars and people all around, I’m not so sure that’s the best way to go. Then again, Nascar has that uncanny ability to foresee which moves will lead to disaster, and which will not. For example, no SAFER barriers on inside walls, or no speed limits on pit road. Oh, they changed their mind on that one a couple decades ago. Oh, and one decade ago they adapted again. And Bobby Allison’s wreck at Talladega in ’87 led to the everchanging rules there and in Daytona. At least in that situation, nobody had to die for interest to be piqued.

But I digress. And I love Nascar. I believe they have the best intentions. I believe they do an incredible job managing a most complicated set of circumstances.

I’m just trying to keep them honest.

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