Break In The Action Update

While we were away:

In the news it was announced that Baker/Curb Racing was being sold. It’s a sad day if that means Mike Curb is getting out of Nascar. He may easily be considered a “renaissance man”. Besides being involved in several forms of racing for decades, he’s performed on #1 record, had hits of his own, wrote hit songs for some of the biggest names in the business, scored music for hit movies, owns a record label featuring superstars, and was Lt. Governor of California. I’m sure I missed a few other endeavors. If you get to Kannapolis, NC, don’t miss his music and racing museums.

Jon Gunn, of scenedaily, had a report about things you should know before criticizing “start and parkers”. I am not sympathetic. I could argue againstĀ  all seven one by one, but you can make your own judgment by reading it here.

There’s also some todo, according to scenedaily about the upcoming Nationwide race being bumped from the ESPN family to Speed. It’s hardly worth discussing except I noticed one of the items on ESPN’s plate that day is the 2nd round of the NFL Draft. I still haven’t seen any evidence that that’s important to anyone but those directly involved, or their friends and family. Maybe Fantasy Football comes in to play. Around 20 years ago, the draft actually preempted the Cup race. Back then, there was no other network to pick it up. That meant we heard one of the most disturbing phrases ever uttered – “tape delay”.

It didn’t occur to me until looking up the race title today, but it wasn’t that long ago that Nascar banned liquor sponsors. Today we have them on cars and race titles. Tomorrow the Crown Royal Cup?

I see a common thread in all these topics. $. I guess that’s the common thread in everything. I am soooo naive.

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