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Another All-Star Tweak is in the can.

Cops and robbers continues. One day Nascar will set the table and just leave it alone for a while. It seems there was a time some years ago that the format was stable for at least a few years. Maybe it’s time to try that again. After a while everyone will be on to all the tricks and then race. I know this year is not the start of that run, but how about next year? Let’s face it. The robbers ( teams ) have more engineers than the cops ( Nascar ). They have since All-Star race 1. Jr. Johnson may not technically have been an engineer, but he had a degree in outsmarting the law.

Shout out to A.J Allmendinger. He was flat out and flat in.

The intros to the main event reminded me of Las Vegas. Cheesy, yet compelling at the same time.

One may think Nascar has some problems, but they look like geniuses compared to the IRL. Soon after sitting down to watch pole day in anticipation of an interesting afternoon and exciting ” bump day ” on Sunday, it became apparent that something was awry. The “Greatest Event In Motorsports” ( or whatever NBC SN call it ) barely could find enough drivers to fill the field.

5.19.85: In its 17th year of operation, Dover had its first sellout. Bill Elliott’s amazing early season start was the draw. He lapped the field with Handsome Harry 2nd and Kyle Petty 3rd.

By Gary Erdakos

Ref:, Greg Fielden’s “Forty Years of Stock Car Racing”, Richard Sowers’ “The Complete Statistical History of Stock-Car Racing”.


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