Crap Shoot 400

Another race is in the can.

I am inching closer and closer to finding a new passion. My quest was postponed somewhat by the late caution that took the pure fuel mileage aspect out of the picture, but once again the miraculously timed debris caution straddling the fuel window still had a significant effect on the final rundown.

We didn’t have to endure the seemingly oft-recurring¬† scene of a slew of cars running out of gas at the end, but since tires don’t seem to make much difference anymore,¬† undeserving gamblers profited anyway. I don’t mind a few events being decided by factors other than best car, team, driver on that day ( strategy has its place ), but I’m having a problem with too many races being decided and points being amassed¬† due to the “river” draw.

Is this Nascar or Gascar – Gas Conservation Auto Racing? Although Nascar seems to be quite a politically conservative organization, they are rather “green” these days. They promote American Ethanol, fuel economy and apparently the Clean Air Act since fresh tires can’t overcome being in “clean air”.

My wife says I owe the 24 an apology. During the waning laps I calmly suggested that he should get off the track since it was apparent he would soon bring out the yellow and cost his teammate and employee the victory. (She would probably disagree on some of my verb and adverb choices in that sentence. She might even say I left out an adjective or two. ) And I do apologize. We all know that every driver (excluding many go-or-go-homers) does all he/ she can to pass the next car and run every lap – unless it’s a teammate about to win the title (as long as he’s not in contention).

All things considered, it could be noted that was the best car the 48 has ever had.

10.9.55: @ LeHi AR, Tiny Lund, in his 1st start, flipped several times. His seatbelts failed and he was thrown into the middle of the track. He was sponsored by Rupert Safety Belts.

10.9.77: @ Charlotte, Tom Sneva made his Nascar debut.

10.9.40: John Lennon was born. (Just had to throw that in even though everyone knows that.)

If Ned was in the booth we’d know what’s up with Marty Houston.

By Gary Erdakos

Ref:, Greg Fielden’s “Forty Years of Stock Car Racing”, Richard Sowers’ “The Complete Statistical History of Stock-Car Racing”.




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