Reflections On Talladega

Another great race is in the can.

OK. It’s not really racin’, but it is Talladega.

It don’t hardly get much better than that. Well, it might could if Nascar’s most important employee (the person whose job it is to seek cautions where none exist) was put on hiatus.

Dega even makes Mike Joy step outside the box as when he referenced the Crash Resistant Aero Parts (C.R.A.P.)

I bet Regan Smith wishes the “passing below the yellow line warning rule” had been in effect last year. Try as they may, every time the “authorities” try to clarify the rule, they dig themselves deeper into that Nascar rulebook hole. But, being from Chicago, I recognize a good dictatorship when I see it (especially when I’m on the right side of it).

It’s fitting that Gillette is a big player in Nascar. If one blade is good, two are better ad infinitum. Same goes for yellow lines I guess. I see the day when there will be six lines at Talladega and Daytona painted in the Nascar logo’s rainbow colors – each color designating the severity of the penalty.

With all that, still a great race and any micromanaging was irrelevant.

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