Pure Mishegoss 400

Another race is in the can.

Well,  it’s what has been typical Michigan for the last handful of years: pretty good racing and about normal brevity. Once again, Nascar ran a good event. However, my wife did ask “Why do they still race there twice a year?” There wasn’t enough practical time – or reason –  to respond to that.

As seems to be the norm for Michigan, there’s not much to elaborate on. I do, however, have a couple observations: Nascar may have found a way to distance itself from what may sometimes appear to be race manipulation: have someone- oh, like the 22 – be the designated human caution at appropriate times; and I sense the cream is starting to rise while some of the wannabes are beginning to falter.

I’m not sure if irony is the proper word, but it was announced today that Kyle Busch had his state license suspended and was fined $1000 for speeding. He definitely gets to keep the rest of his share of $204,941 for winning last Sunday.

8.21.66: At Weaverville, NC, 35 year old Junior Johnson came out of almost a year of retirement to dominate but fall out of the race due to distributor problems. Afterward, he said he was retiring for good. Junior ran 5 more times that year, his last. (Kind of the Mark Martin – Brett Favre of his day.)

If Ned were in the booth we might know what’s up with Randy Baker.

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  1. I like Michigan. but not the race there. I remember going to some races, 2 in particular, when the 28 Havoline demolished the field. The best racing came on the 28’s restart with the 3. Trying to lap him again. “It is what it is.” Beautiful scenery, tho.

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