Pave Paradise?

Another All-Star Race is in the can.                                                                                                                                                       Let’s hope rumors (i.e. false statements) don’t contribute to the call from some pundits to eliminate grassy areas from race tracks.

I was on the fence about going to the race for a while. Two things changed my mind: The impending Rapture and the news that again there would be 2 Waltrips in the booth. I decided to go because, in my September years, I feel the need for some peace and quiet, and what better place to be than the race track at the end of the world.

Please, someone remind me next year, in case I’m ambivalent about going to the race, not to miss it – real or imagined drainage ditches notwithstanding.

So who do you believe – Speedway officials or Ol’ DW regarding a manhole and cover? I suspect the former could show proof one way or the other. There was no “maybe” or “might could be” in Darrell’s description. Unfortunately, there are millions more people who heard the broadcast version than the speedway’s. False information often leads to knee-jerk reaction.

Every week there is a trinity of races: being there, watching on TV and just listening on the radio. Each one presents a different experience and seemingly different event. The new “world’s largest HDTV” at CMS can cloud the issue. It takes some discipline to keep your eyes off the screen except for replays. Otherwise, you might as well just stay home and save a lot of time and money. I haven’t done the precise math, but roughly, if you sit anywhere between turns 4 and 1, it’s equivalent (distance and screen size) to watching  at home. In my case better because I don’t have HD. And even without the big screen, there’s no better place to see a superspeedway race than CMS. Hardly a bad seat in the house.

Speaking of Iowa, I’m a little late noticing twin girls in the same Nascar event. Amber and Angela Cope. They also ran a truck race at Martinsville last year. But you knew that.

How refreshing to hear the consummate pro Bob Jenkins, Wally Dallenbach, and the silver-tongued Jan Beekus on Indy qualifying. No yelling and cackling. Just enthusiastic, knowledgeable reporting.

In case you’re wondering, those LED headlamps were no cheap toys. Well made and blindingly bright.



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  1. Don’t forget the infamous Robin Miller with his no holds barred insights………..It is good coverage of Race #100 at Indy.

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