Heluva So-So!

Another race is in the can.

2:36:50. (Time of race.) These are numbers drivers love. These are numbers some of us viewing fans despise. These are numbers anyone planning a special trip, spending maybe a thousand dollars as a family, and more time than 2:36:50 getting in and out of the track, should be ware of.

Otherwise, there have been better Michigan races – especially in the last several years –  and a whole lot more worse ones. For sure, we can hardly expect too many fantastic finishes. (I can only recall one – 1993.) But, as Nascar often says, “It is what it is”.

This weekend we saw Chris Karamesines, James Hylton and Mark Martin race.

Speaking of Mark, I guess we have him to thank for taking the fuel mileage gambit out of play.

RE the #18 penalty for a broken part: How do you get penalized over a part that breaks? Is Nascar calling you a liar? You rigged the part to fail? Apparently it’s “cheater’s proof” (haven’t used that in decades), since there was little or no protest from the team.

If you look up “bogus caution” in the dictionary, you’ll see the 88 (Nationwide Race from Sat.) spin.

6.19.88: @ MIS, according to the print recap of the race, “(Bobby) Allison,winner of 85 (…) events, suffered multiple injuries…” Since then, of course, that number continues to fluctuate.

6.19.54: Hickory track regular Ned Jarrett, in his 3rd (Cup) start, finished 18th in his Studebaker.

If Ned were in the booth we’d know what’s up with Phil Barkdoll.

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